About Victoria

I will never forget my days working as a durable medical goods Consultant at the University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics in Madison, Wisconsin. Working within the confines of health insurance plans and time, I saw patients from all sorts of backgrounds. Whether it was for a breast prosthesis fitting, a lumbar back support or a pair of compression stockings, I was delighted to be a part of their care. Despite the positive impact that I may have had on these patients’ lives, I felt growingly uneasy over the simple fact that my contribution did little to address the root causes of their illnesses.

I had some health issues of my own that I routinely tried to fix by addressing mere symptoms. When my body finally fell apart, I was a fully miserable and partially disabled thirty-two year-old woman. I was told that I needed corrective surgery and pharmaceutical intervention. It was a fluke that I discovered Rolfing® Structural Integration. I had heard rumors that it hurt but that it was helpful for hopeless cases like mine. I decided to use my Flex Spending dollars to give it a try. Before my first session, my Rolfer™ asked me if I was ready for change. Chronic pain was forcing me to change and many aspects of my life begged for change. But little did I know what ‘change’ actually meant.

The first Rolfing® SI session was really interesting. It wasn’t as painful as I thought and I found that I could breathe with more ease. After the second session, I found my feet and began to relax into my body instead of struggling to hold it up. By the third session, I knew I was on to something. I completed the rest of the ten sessions. The back pain I had suffered for years finally eased and I found greater flexibility, bodily awareness and increased mobility. I aligned my body. I changed. I witnessed and reveled in my own body’s natural healing ability. In this process, I aligned my life. Soon after, I left the healthcare industry that I had loyally served for nearly fifteen years.

Today, I am delighted to be part of the growing field of natural health and holistic healing. It is my joy to assist folks in their journeys as they strive toward health, wholeness and a more flexible, mobile, and pain-free existence.

Photo by Saylea Photography

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