Significance of the Dandelion

Sometimes folks ask about my logo for New Possibilities Integration LLC because, at first glance, it does not seem to have anything to do with health or wellness.

The dandelion is a well-known perennial flowering plant often greeted with mixed emotion. Landscapers and those in search of the perfect lawn have branded this sunny little flower as a ‘pernicious weed’ because of its hardiness and adaptability in disturbed habitats such as lawns and sunny open places. On the other hand, herbalists and healers rejoice in the many culinary uses and medicinal properties of the roots, sap, leaves and flowers of this plant.

Many of us remember dandelions with fondness from our childhood years. We learned early on that the dandelion was one of the safest flowers for us to pick and so we picked dozens of dandelion bouquets for those we loved. We delighted in the color that the bright fragrant flowers left on our skin. Best of all, when the cycle of the dandelion came to a close and the flowers dried, we wished hard as we blew and scattered the puffball of parachuted seeds into the wind. At some point, we learned that each windswept seed signified a new possibility and new life.

One might look at the dandelion as an annoying weed or as a healing tool…much like one might choose to look at pain. Whatever outlook or perspective a person may have, when natural cycles end and seeds disperse…

…similar possibilities WILL eventually take root.